Services We Provide

Phoenix Concrete Cutting prices are very competitive. We take pride in all our work, but when it comes to cutting elevated slabs (example: stairwell and elevator openings) we have very efficient methods along with some of the best-trained operators in the field. Our entire team strives to give the best service in the following areas:
Slab Sawing: Slab saws, range from five to more than 100 horse power in both electric and diesel, is accomplished by utilizing a machine the user approaches from behind, for any application. It contains a blade mounted on a spindle. It is a favorite diamond-cutting method used in concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, bridge decks, and brick pavers. One might use a slab slaw to cut trenches to install plumbing and electric pipes below grade, and expansion joints. The saw can be used to remove damaged areas or for decorative needs. Slab saws are limited by their maximum cutting depth ability of 24 inches. Larger diesel saws are used for exterior and road and bridge work.


Wall Sawing:Wall sawing is used to make vertical or horizontal cuts. It utilizes circular diamond blades mounted on a tight track system to cut precise dimensions, flush to adjacent surfaces. The sawing can be used to cut concrete and masonry walls, doorways, windows, walls, floors, HVAC openings, elevator and stair openings, and separation cuts for demolition, among other projects. Cuts up to 24 inches thick, such as floors or walls, or up to 48 inches if both sides are accessible. The saws are adjustable to any angle.


Core Drilling: Core drilling is the perfect solution for creating round holes half an inch to 42 inches in diameter, to almost any depth. Phoenix stocks bits to accommodate these diameters and specializes in accommodating large drilling needs. Common uses are for plumbing lines, floor drains, anchor holes, electric and fiber optic run, HVAC openings. Another technique would be stitch/line drilling for coring openings of any size or depth is best accomplished by this type of drilling.  Large diameter holes are a specialty at Phoenix. We keep bits in stock up to 42" diameter.

Wire Sawing:
Wire Sawing is a solution often used when common concrete methods for cutting are difficult due to size, depth, and accessibility. It is a popular choice because of its low noise level and there is no limit to the depth that can be cut and the large sizes of concrete that it accommodates. This method removes large concrete structures such as foundations, bridges, equipment pads and also makes openings in thick walls with the help of diamond beaded wire. The wires are pulled in a loop through guided pulleys around the item that needs cutting and constant pressure is produced by the drive wheel. Once the proper pressure is achieved, the drive wheel moves away from the cut and the piece is cut during a spin cycle.
Hand Sawing: Hand-held saws are the most cost-effective devices for small projects and also the fastest method for cutting up to ten inches depth from one side. Hand saws are available in electric and hydraulic and the application dictates the preference. These saws are perfect for small openings in walls and slabs and beam pockets. They can even be used for HVAC openings and cinderblock.

Chain Sawing: Chain saws can cut a maximum of 24 inches in depth. It is a cost-effective method for many projects, such as floor and wall openings.  Wall sawing is often accomplished with the use of a hydraulic chain saw because it can cut corners without overcuts. Not having overcuts preserves the remaining slabs and walls.
Breaking & Removal: A variety of applications require a similar variety of methods to break apart concrete. Phoenix can facilitate the removal of debris. Containers are available if need be.
Our operators take personal pride in each job they do
All of our work is done with diamond bits and blades, so there is never any dust. We do excellent water control and clean up after each and every job.

Safety is a number one factor  in all our work.
All of our hydraulic equipment uses biodegradable hydraulic fluid. We  are concerned about our working environment and those working around us. Phoenix has been awarded the Associate Builders and Contractors Safety Award several years in a row.
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